Bicom Bioresonance Therapy is a method based on energy treatments that targets the entire body. The method works therapeutically with energy, more specifically with the energy impulses of the patient. In the field of biophysics it is known that all chemical processes are sent via electromagnetic impulses. Many disease processes start with wrong impulses that are out of harmony and lead to incorrect chemical processes. Therefore it is very important to restore the balance of the body's energy.

The German docter F. Morel used this knowledge and developed in 1977 the so called MORA therapy. For Morel it was clear that it was much easier to act therapeutically on the control of the energy levels instead of with chemical processes as usually happens with most drugs ( fighting the effect rather than the cause). Based on research from Professor C. Smith in collaboration with Salford University, England, there emerged in 1987 the Bioresonance therapy BICOM. In this therapy we work with the BICOM device specially designed to transform the body impulses of the patient to individual therapy signals.

Erroneous frequencies among which are allergies are conducted by means of an electrode applied to the patients body to the BICOM device, there it is treated and than taken back to the patient. The Bioresonance is absolutely painless and no side effect has been manisfested.

Through a diagnosis the therapist knows what frequency your body does not tolerate and what therapy is needed. During the treatment with the Bicom device, electrodes are applied to the body and the patient meanwhile sits or lies in a relax atmosphere. The treatment lasts 10-30 minutes and the number of sessions depends on the problem being treated, patients age and so on.

BICOM is very effective against allergies.

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